chords of songs
One of the ways to find out what the country lives is to watch local TV channels for several days. Honestly, I was very disappointed in Croatian television: there’s just no news broadcasts like clicking on the remote, all the time cartoons, TV shows, and culinary broadcasts (like me it seemed that there were a lot of them on Croatian television, for example, in one of the restaurants where we had dinner, the television broadcasted a 24-hour culinary program, as if this was the most interesting for those who came to the restaurant!). As a result, after some x searching, I found a music channel (CMC-TV), which was broadcast around the clock the local pop muzyka.Snachala we were laughing over it: create the impression as if we were in our 70s (VIA "Gems", "Songwriters" etc.). Yes, and the lyrics are appropriate, the benefit of the Croatian language is quite clear for the Russian ear: everything about love (for a girl, and more for the beauties of Dalmatia).

But then I thought a little: after all, if this people loves their own songs so much, and not like us – caricatures of Western music, then it has character. Let these songs seem outdated, primitive, funny to us, but this is national music. And if she constantly sounds on the music channel of Croatian television, that says a lot. After some time, I even started to like this music. And one of the singers, a certain Elena Rozga (Jelena Rozga), in general became my favorite. And returning home, to Moscow, I enjoy listening to her songs.

By the way, she is 38 years old, that is, she could well have sung something in style "Eurovision". But she sings wonderful songs in Croatian, which probably can be attributed to the style "ethnopop". In general, I recommend.