– All lyrics (words) Seeds Slepakova–

My boss has very stupid jokes. And we, all his subordinates, laugh at them a lot. Firstly, we are very afraid that he can fire us, Secondly, we all really hope that he can raise us.

To our accountant Tanya, who is very pregnant, he shouts: "They called from bowling, asking to return the ball to its place.".And if someone leaves and says to everyone: "Happily!"The boss yells: "In the priest plum! .." and we all laugh together.

Gennady Alekseevich … Well, annealed! For you, even write down … You would have to be in KVN!

We also have a cleaner from Central Asia, He jokes primitively about her narrow-eyed eyes. She has a very complicated name – Karakhan Usulbazovna, her head calls Tarakan Uzkoglazovna.

He tells her: "Oh teacher, my kung fu is better than yours", Becomes a tiger stand and kicks on the mop, He tells her: "Drop the stick, fight me like a man", At the same time, he makes eyes with his hands like a Chinese.

Gennady Alekseevich … Well, let me catch my breath! Urgant is just a schoolboy .. Gangnam style – sucks!

But suddenly one day a new guy Valera came to our office, He came not alone, but with a mole directly above his upper lip. The head saw him and shouted that there was urine:"Look, a giant mole has attacked a man!"

And only we, were ready to start laughing together, Suddenly, the new guy hit the boss right in the smile, the boss fell surprised, and the office became quiet, only Karakhan Usulbazovna alone continued to laugh.

Of course, Valera was fired, and he left with his birthmark, But he remained a hero in our hearts forever. He gave us freedom, killed trembling creatures in us, Now that the boss jokes, free people are laughing.

I scalded my legs … I’ll tell my friends! You are the white Eddie Murphy! You are the Russian Galustyan!

Semen Slepakov – You can not drink