“Today, July 20, marks the 86th anniversary of Oleg Andreevich Anofriev

We bring to your attention films with the participation of Oleg Anofriev

1. “The Artist from Kokhanovka” (1961) 2. “Colleagues” (1962) 3. “The Tale of Lost Time (1964) 4.“ Checked – No Mines ”(1965) 5.“ First Flight ”(1976) 6. “The Cat in the Pouch” (1978) 7. “The Northern Option” (1974) 8. “We are sitting well!” (1986) 9. “Calmness Is Canceled” (1983)

Oleg A. Anofriev (born July 20, 1930, Gelendzhik, USSR) – Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, film director, singer, songwriter. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1969), People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (2004).


Oleg Andreevich is a native Muscovite, born July 20, 1930 in Gelendzhik during a trip of his parents. Father, Anofriev Andrey Sergeyevich, worked as a doctor at the 1st State Bearing Plant, in the summer he worked annually as a head doctor in sanatoriums on the Black Sea coast. Mother, Anofrieva Maria Gavrilovna, was a housewife. Spouse – Otlivshchikova Natalia Georgievna (born in 1932), doctor. Daughter – Maria Solodenina (born in 1959), a doctor. Granddaughters: Natalia, Anastasia.

Oleg Anofriev’s childhood passed in a house on Smolenskaya Square and was typical for boys of the war era: they chased the ball in cramped courtyards, were pretty naughty, dreamed of escaping to the front and fighting with the Nazis, like older brothers. Oleg’s father, on the eve of World War II, was sent by a military doctor to the Far Eastern Front. Soon Oleg’s older brothers appeared at the front. In 1939, the middle one was called up – Sergey, and in December 1941, after graduating from a military school at an accelerated rate, the older one, Vladimir, volunteered, despite the fact that he had "reservation" as a prospector. Vladimir died near Novorossiysk. Years later, Oleg Anofriev will devote a song to him. "White triangle". The middle brother, Sergei, was wounded on the Karelian Isthmus, was surrounded. He was unconscious when the Finns captured him, where he stayed for several years. Only in 1944 the family received news from him: "Alive, well, can I add anything to this?" Oleg Anofriev remembered this line for his whole life. When Sergey returned home, he immediately ended up in the camp for being captured. Later, Sergei Anofriev was rehabilitated, but he died, barely passed in fifty years.

Until October 1941, Oleg and his mother remained in the capital, then they were sent to evacuate to Sverdlovsk. At this time, the father was commissioned. Having found his wife and son in Sverdlovsk, Andrei Sergeyevich took them to Moscow.