Basta (Noggano) - Insure

“First” is Basta’s third studio album and also the first one released under the pseudonym “Noggano”.

Birds – 5: 16Super hero (feat. Ki.mono) – 5: 07Insure your brother – 5: 38Bricks – 3: 28U Noggan depression – 2: 46Matryoshka (feat. Coupe) – 5: 02Play, guitar – 3: 30Show business – 3: 11Party at Noggano – 4: 03A. Fingers – 4: 55Durka – 6: 26Discover (feat. Bankok) – 5: 52Kip it rial – 6:21

“The refrains of some songs are already quite popular – I don’t have to tell you about Zhora, but there is also“ Insure ”, with whom even now triumphal tours of corporate events of insurance companies.”

debut album musical material "The first" discovered unexpected grace. "The first" (puns here are also of a very specific nature) were recorded optionally, without interruption from the triumphal procession of Basta to the people. How far the local hip-hop production has gone if, between things, as if by chance, Vasily and his friends drew rhythmic lattices of a completely western level. The texts were laid on them so sharp and charming that the hand itself reached for the Send button. Today, the secret dream of any producer is to create a thing that people will push themselves without additional investment in promotion. Noggano scattered across the network in the most viral way possible.