My mom is the best in the world.

Lyrics for Barbariki – my best friend

You, always with me, I’ll all share the same with you, and still whisper in your ear, You are my closest friend! We are four legs, We walk the same path with you If you are always ready for battle, Twenty claws we have with you!

Chorus: We are like two halves, One beautiful and funny picture, We are two chuckles Two stars Two snowflakes That fly so easy! We laugh together and cry We will never be able to do otherwise!

Only one thing is embarrassing. The guys distinguish with difficulty! It’s difficult for them not to overpower the tasks: “Which of us is smarter, who is more beautiful?” But, we will tell you honestly. We are so good together in the world.

Chorus: We are like two halves One beautiful and funny picture We are two taunts Two stars Two snowflakes That fly so easy! Laugh together and cry We can never do otherwise!