Spleen - my heart - chords and

We didn’t know each other until this summer, we dangled around the world, land and water, and quite by chance we took tickets to an adjacent chair at high altitude


My heart stopped, My heart stopped, My heart stopped, My heart stopped.

And exactly one thousand years we wake up together, even if we fell asleep in different places. We are going to put coffee under Elvis Presley, Coffee escaped under PropellerHeads, ah!


And maybe you didn’t become a star in Hollywood, don’t go out on the catwalk in your underwear, people don’t take autographs, and you sing a little quieter than Moncerat Coballier

Well, so I, thank God, not Ricky, not Martin, I didn’t nominate for an Oscar, I didn’t score to the French My name didn’t name the city on the map, But the curtains were closed and the sofa was laid out

I wake up to see something that many have not even dreamed of, Was not stoned, did not knock on glass.