“A Christmas tree was born in the forest” (1903-1905) – one of the most popular Russian children’s Christmas songs, which became the New Year in the USSR. The words were written by Raisa Adamovna Kudasheva, music was written by Leonid Karlovich Bekman.

According to the results of a sociological study conducted in 2015 by the Russian Reporter magazine, the song took 29th place in the top 100 most popular poetic lines in Russia, including, among other things, Russian and world classics ..

In the forest she grew. In winter and summer, slender, Green was. A snowstorm sang a song to her: “Sleep, Christmas tree, bye-bye!” Snow wrapped frost: “Look, do not freeze!” A coward a hare gray He rode under the Christmas tree. Sometimes a wolf, an angry wolf, ran through Ryskoy. Chew! Frequent snow in the forest creaks under the snake. Boreal horse Rushing, running. Lucky horse wood, On wood a peasant. He cut down our Christmas tree Under the very root. Now you are here, smartly dressed, She came to us for the holiday And brought a lot, a lot of joy to the Kids.

There are several variations of the last verse, beginning with “now you are here, smart …”, “and here she is smart …”, “now she, smart …”