Lyrics for March 8

The goal of Awakening feelings of respect and love for the mother is to create warm relations in the family, family traditions.

Equipment: For competitions: “Swaddle the baby”: 2 dolls, 2 diapers, 2 vests, 2 diapers, 2 bonnets, 2 ribbons (blue and pink) – “Cleaning the apartment”: 2 brooms, 2 scoops, 2 buckets, garbage- “ Dress mother ”: scarves, beads, clips, hairpins … For a scene: a table with trays of cheesecakes, 4 chairs, a doll, a bathrobe, an apron.


To the music, children enter and line up in a semicircle.

Presenter: Every last Sunday of November in Russia, Mother’s Day is celebrated. Therefore, with Mother’s Day, dear ones! May this holiday be bright! Let the dreams go. May people all over the world give you kindness and smiles.

Sounds music “Mom is the first word” children recite poems.

1 child. Why, when I’m with mom

Is even a gloomy day brighter?

Because because

No mommy is milder!

2 child. Why, when it hurts me

Do I hurry to mom soon?

There is no mommy tender!

3 child. Why when we are together

Am I happier than anyone in the world?

No mommy is kinder!

4 child. Mommy’s beautiful

Kind and beloved

Congratulations now

We’ll give them a song!

Children perform the song “Our Mother” and sit in their seats.

Host: We need to continue the holiday We will sing, dance, play. Which of you guys want Mom to read a poem? Vadim learned this poem for you! Let’s listen.

5. A boy comes out: I’ll say, friends, to you directly!

Simple and without further ado –

Change place with mom

I’ve been ready for a long time

Well, think, worries –

Laundry, ironing, shop,

Holes on pants, stewed fruit …

It doesn’t need much strength.

Is it easy for me to live?

After all, a lot of worries!

Learn a poem

Songs, dance, round dance …

How tired I am

I wish I became a mom!

Host: How nice to see children who help mom, take care of her. And mothers always want you to grow up kind and polite. So now we will find out whether it is easy to be mothers and begin with cleaning the apartment.

Competition “Cleaning the apartment” Participants need to collect garbage in a bucket using a broom and dustpan.

Presenter: But Cyril also always helps mom and wants to tell us about this poem!