Music by Yuri Saulsky, Words by Mikhail Tanich

Once upon a time there lived a Black cat around the corner. And the cat hated the whole house. Only the song is not about how people did not get along with the cat.


They say they’re not lucky, If the black cat crosses the road. But for now, vice versa: Only the black cat is not lucky!

All day In the courtyard of vanity – Drive a cat off the road. Only the song is not about How the yard hunted for a cat!

Even with a cat, His mile away I had to meet a cat. Only the song is not about How the cat purred with the cat.

Poor cat From mustache to tail It was blacker than blackness itself! Yes, and the song, in general, about how offensive it is to be a black cat!

We can’t be without songs. Comp. Yu. G. Ivanov. Muses Editor S.V. Pyankova. – Smolensk: Rusich, 2004

The first performer is Tamara Miansarova. Recorded in 1964. In the 1980s, the song again became popular in the band’s repertoire. "Bravo". There are alterations, including the 2000s: see, for example, a punk song "Bald bon" (Once upon a time there lived a bald bon around the corner …")

PIANO NOTES (5 sheets):

Foxtrot and tango. Masterpieces of dance music. For playing the piano and guitar, as well as for voice with accompaniment. M .: publishing house V.N. Zaitseva, 2006.