I wanted to ask the lyrics

Oddly enough, the appearance of a hit can be the beginning of the end, even for a powerful team.

Listening only to well-known songs, often the audience comes to concerts just to enjoy a couple of their favorite compositions, which any musician will not be particularly pleased with.

DDT did not pass by a similar problem. On the 1993 concert recording "Black Dog Petersburg" you can hear the soloist calming the screaming room: "Autumn", guys, like old age, will be at the end". Therefore, a little time later, accustomed to directly chop Gordian nodes, the DDT soloist stops performing the song for a while "What is Autumn".

"A lot of good bands were killed by super song. Remember EAGLES – "Hotel "California". And that’s all, nobody knows anything else. They still scratch her … Group "DDT" could well be buried by song "Autumn". The guys and I were really scared. Well, such a folk song was written, but it’s boring for us to play it a thousand times. And we did not play at all for a year, we gritted our teeth, but did not play. The hall is yelling, and we are like tanks. And they won. I am sincerely proud of it" – said the leader of the team.

In recent years "What is autumn" again returned to the concert and tour repertoire of the collective:

"At one time we fought with her, although the hall demanded only her. And when they stopped demanding, they began to play again. We do not want to be slaves to our work".