Lyrics Song New Years

You open your eyes, you and I are completely different from each other. I dream to live without worries, and you think itโ€™s

11 May

Lyrics for Hope

An unfamiliar star shines, Again we are divorced from the house, Again cities between us, Take-off lights of airfields. Here

22 Apr

Cloud Song Text

Grass is raging above the ground, clouds are floating like pavas, And one thing is that on the right, It’s me,

09 Apr

Lullaby Lyrics

Sleep is, surely, the June beetle of wooden frames. The light is warm. Lampshade. Dark fringe. Tape a window with a thin

09 Apr

Snowflake Song Text

Snowflake Music: Krylatov E. Words: L. Derbenev. When a young year enters the house, And the old one goes into the distance,

09 Apr

Lyrics Lullaby Maxim

Silently the Wizard climbed to the roof. He turned on his stars, became quieter. A little worried, rubbed his hands, And, a

09 Apr