songs about mom lyrics

I kiss your hands, my dear, you are more tender than anyone else in the world, I know for sure there is no dearer to you in the world, you are in my heart, hug me stronger, I want to warm myself!

Chorus: Mom, always be with me! Mom, I don’t need more! Mom, just don’t be sad! You for me, Mom, forgive me! You hear, Mom, be always with me! Mom, I don’t have anything else necessary! Mom, just don’t be sad! You forgive me for everything, mommy!

Only you will always support and reassure me, And you will hide me from envy and anger. I love you, you are an angel, I live with you. With gratitude I kiss your hands.


The light is in the window, we are together It is light in the soul. My dear mother, how warm it is with you! I pray at night for you to live, For you to be healthy, mom was!